Dates: 9 SEP 2012 — 15 SEP 2012

  1. Insights

    Briefing and Consultations on the Sahel

    This afternoon (17 September), Jeffrey Feltman—the head of the Department for Political Affairs—will brief the Council on progress made on the development of an integrated...

    posted on FRI 14 SEP 2012
  2. Insights

    Somalia Resolution

    On Monday (17 September) the Council is likely to adopt a resolution on Somalia. The resolution is intended to mark the end of the transition...

    posted on FRI 14 SEP 2012
  3. Insights

    Liberia Resolution Adoption

    On Monday morning (17 September), the Security Council is scheduled to adopt a resolution extending the mandate of the UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL). The...

    posted on FRI 14 SEP 2012
  4. Insights

    Sierra Leone Briefing and Consultations

    Tomorrow morning (11 September), the Council will receive a briefing from Jens Anders Toyberg-Frandzen, the Executive Representative of the Secretary-General in Sierra Leone and head...

    posted on MON 10 SEP 2012