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    Open Debate on New Trends in UN Peacekeeping

    Tomorrow (11 June), the Security Council is scheduled to hold an open debate on new trends in peacekeeping, with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expected to brief....

    posted on TUE 10 JUN 2014
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    The Secretary-General’s 2013 Security Council Retreat

    The annual Security Council retreat with the Secretary-General begins this evening (22 April) in Greentree, New York, with a full day of discussions tomorrow (23...

    posted on MON 22 APR 2013
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    Meeting with the Golan-Heights Mission’s Troop-Contributing Countries

    Tomorrow afternoon (22 March), Council members will meet with the three countries that are currently troop-contributing countries (TCCs) to the UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF)...

    posted on THU 21 MAR 2013
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    Security Council Retreat with the Secretary-General

    The annual Security Council Retreat with the Secretary-General begins this evening (3 April), with a full day of discussions tomorrow (4 April). The Secretary-General and...

    posted on TUE 3 APR 2012
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    The UN Force in Abyei

    The Council is expected to hear its first scheduled briefing from the head of UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO), Alain Le Roy, on the...

    posted on TUE 26 JUL 2011
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    Insights on Sudan

    The Council will have a closed meeting this afternoon on Sudan. A representative from the South Sudan government and the Sudanese permanent representative to the...

    posted on MON 21 MAR 2011
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    Insights on the Civilian Capacity Review

    In response to discussions in the Security Council on civilian capacity for deployment in post conflict situations, the Secretary-General this week issued the independent report...

    posted on WED 9 MAR 2011
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    Insights on Côte d’Ivoire

    The Council appears ready to adopt a resolution extending the temporary deployment of some UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) troops to Abidjan to support the...

    posted on TUE 15 FEB 2011
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    Insights on February’s Programme of Work

    Council members met today to discuss February's Programme of Work. This month Brazil has the presidency and the Council could have around 15 days of...

    posted on WED 2 FEB 2011
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    Insights on Security and Development

    Council members started negotiations yesterday on a draft presidential statement for the high-level debate on the interdependence between security and development. The Brazilian foreign minister...

    posted on WED 2 FEB 2011