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    Council’s September Programme of Work

    This morning (3 September) Council members adopted their provisional programme of work for September. The month got off to a busy start earlier today with...

    posted on WED 3 SEP 2014
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    Council’s August Programme of Work

    August, once considered a quiet month for the Security Council, is likely to be busy this year. On its programme of work for August, the...

    posted on MON 4 AUG 2014
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    The July Programme of Work of the Security Council

    At press time, the Security Council expected to hold eight formal meetings and 10 consultations in July. It plans to adopt three resolutions: one each...

    posted on WED 2 JUL 2014
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    The June Programme of Work of the Security Council

    The month began on an unexpected note with consultations on 2 June on a draft resolution on Ukraine, drafted by Russia, the President of the...

    posted on TUE 3 JUN 2014
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    The Council’s Programme of Work for February

    In February, under the presidency of Lithuania, the Council will have two open debates with presidential statements as likely outcomes. The biannual open debate on...

    posted on WED 5 FEB 2014
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    The January 2014 Programme of Work for the Security Council

    The Security Council’s programme of work for January 2014 consists largely of regular briefings, consultations, mandate renewals and debates. In addition, Jordan, the President of...

    posted on MON 6 JAN 2014
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    December Programme of Work for the Security Council

    The Sahel and West Africa feature prominently on the December programme of work of the Security Council. France, the President of the Council for December,...

    posted on TUE 3 DEC 2013
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    November Programme of Work for the Security Council

    During November, China will preside over the Security Council. The month has gotten off to a busy start, with the Council issuing on 2 November...

    posted on MON 4 NOV 2013
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    October Programme of Work for the Security Council

    Azerbaijan’s presidency of the Security Council for the month of October has begun on a busy note. Following this morning’s (2 October) adoption of the...

    posted on WED 2 OCT 2013
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    August Programme of Work for the Security Council

    Argentina, the president of the Council in August, has chosen an open debate on the cooperation between the UN and regional and subregional organisations as...

    posted on FRI 2 AUG 2013