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    Consultations on Yemen with Special Adviser Jamal Benomar

    Tomorrow afternoon (3 March), Council members will hold consultations on Yemen where they will be briefed by the Secretary-General’s Special Adviser to Yemen Jamal Benomar...

    posted on MON 2 MAR 2015
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    Adoption of Resolution Renewing Yemen Sanctions Regime

    Tomorrow morning (Tuesday, 24 February), the Security Council will adopt a resolution that extends the Yemen assets freeze and travel ban sanctions measures until 26...

    posted on MON 23 FEB 2015
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    Council to Adopt Resolution on Yemen

    The Security Council is expected to adopt later today (15 February) a resolution on Yemen. On Friday afternoon (13 February), the UK circulated a draft...

    posted on SUN 15 FEB 2015
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    Briefing on Deteriorating Situation in Yemen

    Tomorrow morning (20 January), the Council is expected to hold consultations on Yemen with Special Adviser of the Secretary-General Jamal Benomar briefing via video tele-conference....

    posted on MON 19 JAN 2015
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    Yemen Sanctions Briefing and Consultations with Special Adviser

    Tomorrow (11 December), the Security Council will have two meetings on Yemen. The first will be a briefing by the chair of the 2140 Yemen...

    posted on WED 10 DEC 2014
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    Consultations on Yemen

    This afternoon (Monday, 13 October) Council members will be briefed in consultations by Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on Yemen Jamal Benomar. While the periodic...

    posted on MON 13 OCT 2014
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    Consultations with Benomar on Current Crisis in Yemen

    Tomorrow morning (29 August), Jamal Benomar, Special Adviser of the Secretary-General to Yemen, will brief the Security Council in consultations. The meeting was originally scheduled...

    posted on THU 28 AUG 2014
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    Briefing on Yemen by Special Adviser Benomar

    Tomorrow morning (20 June), Council members will be briefed by Jamal Benomar, the Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on Yemen. Benomar, who was in Yemen...

    posted on THU 19 JUN 2014
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    First Briefing by the Chair of the Yemen Sanctions Committee

    Tomorrow afternoon (14 May), Ambassador Raimonda Murmokaitė (Lithuania), chair of the 2140 Yemen Sanctions Committee, will brief the Security Council. Council members will then meet...

    posted on TUE 13 MAY 2014
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    Consultations on Yemen: Implementing the Recommendations of the National Dialogue Conference

    This afternoon, Council members will meet in consultations to receive a briefing from Jamal Benomar, the Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on Yemen. The meeting...

    posted on THU 24 APR 2014