Insights: 1267 Sanctions Committee

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    Open Debate and Joint Briefing on Counter-Terrorism

    Tomorrow (14 April), the Security Council will hold an open debate on efforts to strengthen international counter-terrorism cooperation and coordination. The Secretary-General is expected to brief. At the same time, there will be a joint open briefing organised by the...

    posted on WED 13 APR 2016
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    Ministerial Meeting on the Al Qaida Sanctions Regime

    Tomorrow (17 December), the Security Council will hold a ministerial-level briefing on the 1267/1989 Al Qaida sanctions regime which will be chaired by US Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew, and attended by at least eight finance ministers. The Secretary-General...

    posted on WED 16 DEC 2015
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    Insights on the Taliban and Al-Qaida Sanctions Committee

    It seems the 1267 Committee (the Committee on sanctions against the Taliban and Al-Qaida) will meet on Tuesday, 10 May, to decide upon the first delisting request processed by the Office of the Ombudsperson, Kimberly Prost. Under the terms of...

    posted on THU 5 MAY 2011