Dates: OCTOBER 2011

  1. Insights

    Adoption of Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea Resolution

    This afternoon (Monday, 31 October) the Council will adopt a resolution, drafted by Nigeria, expressing its concern about the threat posed by piracy and armed robbery at sea in the Gulf of Guinea. The draft text was introduced on 19...

    posted on MON 31 OCT 2011
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    Resolution on Prevention of Proliferation of Arms in Libya and the Region

    Council members are currently negotiating a draft resolution on the prevention of the proliferation of arms in Libya and the region, particularly man-portable surface-to-air missiles. An early version of the draft text was circulated by Russia to P5 members last...

    posted on FRI 28 OCT 2011
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    Press Release on Abyei

    It seems that Council members are close to agreeing on a press statement requesting the redeployment of Sudanese and South Sudanese forces from the Abyei area. Apparently the press statement was circulated by the US yesterday (27 October) and most...

    posted on FRI 28 OCT 2011
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    Women, Peace and Security Debate

    Tomorrow (28 October) the Council will hold its annual debate on women, peace and security. Nigeria, Council president for November, chose “Women’s Participation and Role in Conflict Prevention and Mediation” as the theme of the debate. It circulated a concept...

    posted on THU 27 OCT 2011
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    Libya Resolution Adoption

    This morning (27 October) the Council appears set to adopt a resolution terminating the provisions of resolution 1973 allowing the use of force to protect civilians and ensuring the no-fly zone, effectively ending the Council’s authorisation for the NATO military...

    posted on THU 27 OCT 2011
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    Somalia Briefing and Consultations Postponed

    It appears that the briefing on Somalia by B. Lynn Pascoe, Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs, initially scheduled for tomorrow (27 October) has been postponed until Monday, 31 October. Apparently the two reports to be considered – a report on Somali...

    posted on WED 26 OCT 2011
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    Adoption of the Security Council Annual Report

    The Security Council annual report for the period 1 August 2010 to 31 July 2011 has been put under silence procedure and is scheduled for adoption tomorrow (27 October) morning. The annual report covers matters considered by the Security Council...

    posted on WED 26 OCT 2011
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    Monthly Council Consultations on Libya

    Tomorrow (26 October) Council members will receive their monthly briefing on Libya from Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs, B. Lynn Pascoe followed by informal consultations. It seems that the main focus of Pascoe’s briefing will be on the way forward for...

    posted on TUE 25 OCT 2011
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    Briefing and Consultations on Darfur

    On Tuesday, (25 October) Council members are scheduled to hold consultations on the Secretary-General’s most recent report on the UN-AU Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID). It seems that Hervé Ladsous, Under Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, will brief on the report’s...

    posted on MON 24 OCT 2011
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    Somalia Piracy Resolution

    It appears that the Council is now scheduled to vote on Monday morning (24 October) on a Russian draft resolution on Somali piracy. As previously reported by What’s in Blue (14 October), the draft resolution apparently calls for additional measures...

    posted on FRI 21 OCT 2011
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    Vote on a Yemen Resolution

    It seems the Council will vote on a draft resolution on Yemen this afternoon (21 October). The draft was put in blue last night (20 October) after two sessions of negotiations earlier this week. The draft resolution’s key elements focus...

    posted on FRI 21 OCT 2011
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    Middle East Debate and Consultations

    On Monday (24 October) the Council will hold its quarterly open debate on the Middle East following a briefing by Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs, B. Lynn Pascoe. It seems Pascoe is expected to focus on the recent diplomatic activity by...

    posted on FRI 21 OCT 2011
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    Yemen Resolution Negotiations

    It seems that this afternoon (Wednesday, 19 October) Council members will begin discussing at expert level a draft resolution on Yemen. The draft text was circulated by the UK yesterday to all 15 Council members. Apparently the P5 have had...

    posted on WED 19 OCT 2011
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    Gulf of Guinea Piracy Briefing

    Tomorrow (Wednesday, 19 October) the Council will be briefed by the Secretary-General on the piracy situation in the Gulf of Guinea. Council members and representatives from members of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the Economic Community...

    posted on TUE 18 OCT 2011
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    Eritrea Sanctions Resolution

    It seems that tomorrow (18 October) Council members may begin negotiations on a draft resolution that would impose additional sanctions on Eritrea. The draft resolution was circulated by Gabon on Friday, 14 October, and is co-sponsored by Nigeria. The question...

    posted on MON 17 OCT 2011
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    Somalia Piracy Resolution

    It appears that the Council is now close to reaching agreement on a resolution calling for additional measures to strengthen prosecution of suspected pirates operating off the coast of Somalia. Council members have had several rounds of negotiations on a...

    posted on FRI 14 OCT 2011
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    Council Consultations on the DRC

    Council members are scheduled to meet on Monday (17 October), for a briefing via video-conference by the head of MONUSCO, Roger Meece. It appears the consultations are likely to focus on the November presidential election in the DRC. Council members...

    posted on FRI 14 OCT 2011
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    Renewal of UN Mission in Haiti

    The Council is scheduled to meet tomorrow (Friday, 14 October) to renew the mandate of the UN’s stabilisation mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) for a further 12 months, before it expires on 15 October. Council members met at expert level today...

    posted on THU 13 OCT 2011
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    Monthly DPA Briefing

    Tomorrow (14 October) Council members will have their monthly briefing on emerging issues by DPA head, B. Lynn Pascoe. It seems the briefing will focus on Somalia, Madagascar and UN sanctions committees and their panels of experts. It is possible...

    posted on THU 13 OCT 2011
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    Afghanistan ISAF Resolution in Blue

    A draft resolution extending the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan (ISAF) was put in blue this afternoon (11 October) and is scheduled for adoption tomorrow morning. Council members met several times over the last week to negotiate the text...

    posted on TUE 11 OCT 2011
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    DPA Briefing on Abyei and Yemen

    It seems that Council members will receive a briefing tomorrow (Tuesday, 11 October) in closed consultations on the situation in Abyei and Yemen. It appears that the Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, Hervé Ladsous will brief on Abyei and Jamal Benomar,...

    posted on MON 10 OCT 2011
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    Negotiations on Security Sector Reform Presidential Statement

    Council members have had two rounds of negotiations on a draft presidential statement which is expected to be adopted at the security sector reform (SSR) debate on Wednesday, 12 October. This debate, initiated by Nigeria, the Council president for October,...

    posted on FRI 7 OCT 2011
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    Council Briefing and Consultations on Abyei

    Council members are scheduled to have a briefing and consultations on Abyei tomorrow (6 October). It seems that Hervé Ladsous, the new head of DPKO, is likely to brief the Council on the Secretary-General’s recent report on the situation in...

    posted on WED 5 OCT 2011
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    The Security Council’s October Programme of Work

    Council members adopted the monthly programme of work today and it looks like Middle East issues will continue to dominate their work during the October Nigerian presidency. At press time, the Council was planning to vote on a Syria resolution...

    posted on TUE 4 OCT 2011
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    Vote on a Syria Resolution

    It seems that the Council may vote on a draft resolution on Syria tomorrow afternoon (4 October). Last week Council members had two sessions of negotiations at permanent representative level on the draft text. Following the second meeting on Thursday,...

    posted on MON 3 OCT 2011