Insights: Africa

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    Insights on Libya

    Libya is on the Council’s agenda again today. Council members began meeting at the expert level for a technical discussion on the draft resolution at 9 am. Council members will convene at 11 am at the permanent representative level for...

    posted on THU 17 MAR 2011
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    Insights on Libya

    Council members are meeting this morning to discuss a draft resolution on Libya circulated yesterday during informal consultations by Lebanon. The UK and France who had co-authored the resolution with Lebanon also spoke on the contents of the resolution. Council...

    posted on WED 16 MAR 2011
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    Insights on Somalia Piracy

    There has been some movement on the Somalia piracy resolution. It appears that Russia has now had bilateral consultations with all Council members and a draft could be circulated this week. A number of areas still need to be resolved...

    posted on TUE 15 MAR 2011
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    Insights on the Somalia Sanctions Committee

    Several issues related to Somalia sanctions are on the Council’s programme of work this week. Today ( Tuesday, 15 March) Council members will be briefed by India, as the chair of the 751/1907 Sanctions Committee on Eritrea and Somalia. (Resolution...

    posted on TUE 15 MAR 2011
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    Insights on Libya

    Security Council members are meeting this morning in informal consultations at Lebanon’s request to discuss Saturday’s Arab League statement calling on the Security Council to impose a no-fly zone. Under-Secretary-General B. Lynn Pascoe is expected to brief on the situation...

    posted on MON 14 MAR 2011
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    Insights on the Sudan Sanctions Committee

    Tomorrow, the chair of the 1591 Sanctions Committee, Colombian Ambassador Nestor Osorio, will brief the Council on the work of the Committee during the last ninety days. He is expected to report that all five members of the panel of...

    posted on THU 10 MAR 2011
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    Insights on the Ad Hoc Working Group on Conflict Prevention in Africa

    The Working Group on Conflict Prevention and Resolution on Africa will be meeting this Friday (11 March) for the first time since South Africa took over the chairmanship of the Working Group. It is expected to discuss its Programme of...

    posted on THU 10 MAR 2011
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    Insights on Somalia

    Council experts are currently discussing China’s draft presidential statement for the strategic debate on Somalia on 10 March. They had their first meeting on Friday, 4 March and a revised version taking in comments made by members was circulated on...

    posted on TUE 8 MAR 2011
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    Insights on the DRC Sanctions Committee

    Members of the DRC Group of Experts met today with the DRC Sanctions Committee ahead of their deployment to the DRC. Among the issues discussed were sexual violence and implementation of the due dilligence guidelines. On 29 November the Council...

    posted on TUE 8 MAR 2011
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    Insights on the Somalia Piracy Resolution

    Yesterday Russia briefed Council members at the expert level on the draft Somalia piracy resolution it has prepared following Jack Lang’s (the Secretary-General’s Special Advisor on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia) recommendations in his January report. P5 members have...

    posted on FRI 4 MAR 2011
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    Insights on the Libya Sanctions Comittee

    Council members have been working on setting up the sanctions committee on Libya called for in resolution 1970 which was adopted by the Council last Saturday, 26 February. It now looks like Portugal will chair the committee. A Note by...

    posted on FRI 4 MAR 2011
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    Insights on Liberia

    The Council will meet tomorrow morning (Thursday, 4 March) to adopt a short, technical resolution on Liberia formalising the withdrawal of UN Mission in Liberia’s military guard force from the Special Court for Sierra Leone’s premises in Freetown. The resolution,...

    posted on WED 2 MAR 2011
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    Insights on Libya

    This morning Council members discussed the possibility of further action on the situation in Libya during informal consultations. Most members have reacted positively to the idea of imposing legal measures on the Libyan regime to deter further violence against civilians....

    posted on THU 24 FEB 2011
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    Insights on Libya

    The Council will be briefed in a closed meeting at 3 pm this afternoon by DPA head, B. Lynn Pascoe on the situation in Libya. A briefing is also expected from a representative of the Libyan mission but it was...

    posted on TUE 22 FEB 2011
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    Insights on Libya

    Council members met this morning in informal consultations on the possible format for further discussion on the situation in Libya following the violent government crackdown on anti-government demonstrators yesterday. They agreed to have a closed meeting at 3 pm this...

    posted on MON 21 FEB 2011