Insights: Justice and Criminal Accountability

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    Somali Piracy Report

    On Wednesday, 15 June, the Secretary-General’s report on possible modalities for the establishment of anti-piracy courts (requested by the Council in resolution 1976 of 11 April) was circulated to Council members. A briefing on the report by Under- Secretary-General for...

    posted on FRI 17 JUN 2011
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    Insights on Somalia Piracy

    The draft Somalia piracy resolution is expected to be put in blue today (Friday, 8 April). It is scheduled to be adopted on Monday, 11 April. Council members began negotiations on the draft resolution at expert level on 22 March...

    posted on FRI 8 APR 2011
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    Insights on the ICC

    On Friday, 8 April Council members will hold informal consultations on the 29 March letter from Kenya requesting it to hold an open meeting on Kenya’s request for the Council to use its powers under Article 16 of the Rome...

    posted on WED 6 APR 2011
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    Insights on Somalia Piracy

    On Tuesday (22 March) Council members had their first meeting at expert level on the Russian draft resolution on Somali piracy. Although the P5 members had been discussing the text for a few weeks this was the first time elected...

    posted on THU 24 MAR 2011
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    Insights on Kenya and ICC

    On Friday, 18 March Council members held an interactive dialogue with the permanent representative of Kenya to discuss the ICC proceedings against six Kenyans. (This interactive dialogue had been postponed from Wednesday, 16 March to Friday morning because of the...

    posted on TUE 22 MAR 2011
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    Insights on Somalia Piracy

    Russia’s draft Somalia piracy resolution is still being negotiated among P5 members and has yet to be circulated to the wider Council membership. However, having had bilateral consultations with Russia, the elected members appear to be content to let the...

    posted on FRI 18 MAR 2011
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    Insights on Somalia Piracy

    There has been some movement on the Somalia piracy resolution. It appears that Russia has now had bilateral consultations with all Council members and a draft could be circulated this week. A number of areas still need to be resolved...

    posted on TUE 15 MAR 2011
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    Insights on Kenya and the ICC

    Council members will have an interactive dialogue tomorrow (Wednesday, 16 March) afternoon with representatives from Kenya and the AU. Kenya is expected to request the Council to defer the proceedings for a year. (Article 16 of the Rome Statute allows...

    posted on TUE 15 MAR 2011
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    Insights on the Somalia Piracy Resolution

    Yesterday Russia briefed Council members at the expert level on the draft Somalia piracy resolution it has prepared following Jack Lang’s (the Secretary-General’s Special Advisor on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia) recommendations in his January report. P5 members have...

    posted on FRI 4 MAR 2011
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    Insights on Liberia

    The Council will meet tomorrow morning (Thursday, 4 March) to adopt a short, technical resolution on Liberia formalising the withdrawal of UN Mission in Liberia’s military guard force from the Special Court for Sierra Leone’s premises in Freetown. The resolution,...

    posted on WED 2 MAR 2011
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    Insights on Somalia Piracy

    Council members are talking about Somalia piracy once more following the release yesterday of Jack Lang’s report to the Secretary-General identifying addtional steps that could be taken to achieve results in prosecuting piracy. In the report Lang makes it clear...

    posted on THU 20 JAN 2011