Insights: Protection of Civilians

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    Protection of Civilians Open Debate

    On Monday (25 June), the Council is scheduled to hold its semi-annual open debate on the protection of civilians in armed conflict. (The last such debate was held on 9 November 2011.) As in the past, given the long list...

    posted on FRI 22 JUN 2012
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    Protection of Civilians Open Debate

    The Council will hold its biannual open debate on protection of civilians in armed conflict tomorrow morning (9 November). The debate will be chaired by President Aníbal Cavaco Silva of Portugal. High-level participation is also expected from Brazil, which will...

    posted on TUE 8 NOV 2011
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    Insights on Syria

    The escalation of the Syrian government’s suppression of public protests over the past weeks has led to increased pressure against Syria, including from a number of Council members. The UK and France seem interested in initiating a possible Council response...

    posted on WED 11 MAY 2011
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    Insights on Libya

    The Council will receive a briefing this afternoon, Tuesday 3 May, from the UN Special Envoy for Libya, Abdel-Elah Al-Khatib, followed by closed consultations. The briefing is expected to focus on Al-Khatib’s recent travel to Libya and participation in the...

    posted on TUE 3 MAY 2011
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    Insights on Libya

    The Security Council will vote at 6 pm today (Thursday, 16 March) on a resolution which imposes a no-fly zone, strengthens the sanctions regime set up by resolution 1970, calls for the protection of civilians and civilian populations and authorises...

    posted on THU 17 MAR 2011
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    Insights on Libya

    Libya is on the Council’s agenda again today. Council members began meeting at the expert level for a technical discussion on the draft resolution at 9 am. Council members will convene at 11 am at the permanent representative level for...

    posted on THU 17 MAR 2011
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    Insights on Libya

    Council members are meeting this morning to discuss a draft resolution on Libya circulated yesterday during informal consultations by Lebanon. The UK and France who had co-authored the resolution with Lebanon also spoke on the contents of the resolution. Council...

    posted on WED 16 MAR 2011
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    Insights on the Informal Experts Group on Protection of Civilians and Afghanistan

    The Informal Experts Group on Protection of Civilians met yesterday (Tuesday, 8 March) to discuss Afghanistan ahead of the renewal of UNAMA’s mandate. Council experts covering protection as well as the country-specific experts on Afghanistan attended the meeting. China, however,...

    posted on WED 9 MAR 2011
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    Insights on Somalia

    Council experts are currently discussing China’s draft presidential statement for the strategic debate on Somalia on 10 March. They had their first meeting on Friday, 4 March and a revised version taking in comments made by members was circulated on...

    posted on TUE 8 MAR 2011
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    Insights on Libya

    This morning Council members discussed the possibility of further action on the situation in Libya during informal consultations. Most members have reacted positively to the idea of imposing legal measures on the Libyan regime to deter further violence against civilians....

    posted on THU 24 FEB 2011
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    Insights on Libya

    The Council will be briefed in a closed meeting at 3 pm this afternoon by DPA head, B. Lynn Pascoe on the situation in Libya. A briefing is also expected from a representative of the Libyan mission but it was...

    posted on TUE 22 FEB 2011
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    Insights on Libya

    Council members met this morning in informal consultations on the possible format for further discussion on the situation in Libya following the violent government crackdown on anti-government demonstrators yesterday. They agreed to have a closed meeting at 3 pm this...

    posted on MON 21 FEB 2011
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    Insights on Protection Issues

    Tomorrow, Council members will have informal consultations on three thematic areas on the Council’s agenda–protection of civilians, women, peace and security and children and armed conflict. This is the first time Council members will be considering these three areas together....

    posted on THU 17 FEB 2011
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    Insights on February’s Programme of Work

    Council members met today to discuss February’s Programme of Work. This month Brazil has the presidency and the Council could have around 15 days of scheduled meetings. Most of the items will be briefings or consultations. One open debate is...

    posted on WED 2 FEB 2011
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    Insights on Protection Issues

    There is talk that under the Brazilian presidency in February there will be consultations on how the Council can work more efficiently on protection issues. The aim appears to be to find ways of streamlining the Council’s work on these...

    posted on TUE 25 JAN 2011