Insights: UN Institutional Issues

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    Third Straw Poll to Select the Next Secretary-General

    On Monday (29th August), Council members will hold their third straw poll in the process to select the next Secretary-General.  Like the first two straw polls held on 21 July and 5 August, this ballot will be undifferentiated as between...

    posted on FRI 26 AUG 2016
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    Security Council to Conduct First Straw Poll

    Tomorrow morning (21 July), Security Council members will take the first step in testing the viability of the twelve nominated candidates for the post of Secretary-General when they participate in the first straw poll in the selection. The straw poll...

    posted on WED 20 JUL 2016
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    Working Methods Debate

    Tomorrow (19 July), the Japanese Presidency will hold an open debate on the working methods of the Security Council. The debate is taking place on the 10th anniversary of the adoption of the Note by the President of the Security...

    posted on MON 18 JUL 2016
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    Security Council Elections: Italy and the Netherlands Agree to a Split Term

    Yesterday, the General Assembly elected Bolivia, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan and Sweden to serve as non-permanent members of the Security Council for 2017-2018. Italy and the Netherlands were contesting the fifth seat but after five inconclusive rounds of balloting, with the fifth...

    posted on WED 29 JUN 2016
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    Discussion on the Secretary-General Selection Process under “Any Other Business”

    This afternoon, Council members will discuss the next steps for the Security Council in the Secretary-General selection process under “any other business” at the request of Egypt. This is the first meeting in consultations regarding the appointment of the next...

    posted on WED 25 MAY 2016
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    Secretary-General’s Retreat with Security Council Members

    The annual Security Council retreat with the Secretary-General will start this evening and continue throughout the day tomorrow (16 and 17 May) at Greentree Estate, New York. The annual retreat affords Council members a rare opportunity to engage in collective...

    posted on MON 16 MAY 2016
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    Open Debate on the UN Charter

    On 15 February (Monday), the Council will hold a ministerial level open debate on the topic of “Respect for the principles and purposes of the Charter of the United Nations as a key element for the maintenance of international peace...

    posted on FRI 12 FEB 2016
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    February Programme of Work

    This afternoon, the Security Council adopted its provisional programme of work for February. Venezuela, as Council president this month, has elected to hold two open debates. The first debate will focus on the respect of purposes and principles of the...

    posted on MON 1 FEB 2016
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    Appointment of the Next Secretary-General: Joint Letter Under Silence

    A draft joint letter from the Security Council and General Assembly presidents, which will mark the start of the process to select and appoint the next Secretary-General, is under silence until noon today (14 December). Following a meeting between Russia,...

    posted on MON 14 DEC 2015
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    Joint Letter on the Secretary-General Appointment Process

    The UK has indicated interest in a discussion this week under “any other business” (AOB) on a draft joint letter from the Security Council and General Assembly presidents which will mark the start of the process to select and appoint...

    posted on MON 7 DEC 2015
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    Consultations on a draft joint letter for the appointment of the Secretary-General

    Council members will meet today (18 November), under “any other business” to discuss the contents of a draft joint letter which would formally launch the selection process for the next Secretary-General. The letter was circulated to all 15 members on...

    posted on WED 18 NOV 2015
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    Finnish Workshop for Incoming Members of the Security Council

    The 13th annual workshop for incoming members of the Security Council will be held on 5-6 November, commencing tomorrow evening (5 November), in Long Island, New York. The workshop is convened by the government of Finland in cooperation with the...

    posted on WED 4 NOV 2015
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    Briefing on Security Sector Reform

    Tomorrow morning (20 August), the Security Council is scheduled to hold a briefing on Security Sector Reform (SSR) at the initiative of Nigeria. The briefers are expected to be Dmitry Titov, the Assistant Secretary-General for Rule of Law and Security...

    posted on WED 19 AUG 2015
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    Informal Discussion on Selection and Appointment of the Next Secretary-General

    On Wednesday (22 July), Council members are scheduled to have their first discussion on the process for the selection of the next Secretary-General. The topic will be raised during consultations under “Any Other Business” (AOB). This issue has in recent...

    posted on MON 20 JUL 2015
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    Wrap-Up Session on Council’s Work in June

    Tomorrow afternoon (30 June), the Security Council will hold a wrap-up session for the month of June during which Malaysia held the Council presidency. This is only the third wrap-up session to be held in 2015. (Chile and France held...

    posted on MON 29 JUN 2015