Insights: Middle East

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    Informal Interactive Dialogue on the Middle East and North Africa

    Tomorrow morning (21 March), Security Council members will have an informal interactive dialogue on “Fostering dialogue and cooperation as a response to conflicts and common challenges in the Middle-East and North Africa” to explore ways on how to better take into account...

    posted on WED 20 MAR 2019
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    Middle East

    Tomorrow (Thursday, 19 May), the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Robert Serry, will brief the Security Council at its regular monthly meeting on the Middle East which will be followed by consultations. This comes against the...

    posted on WED 18 MAY 2011
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    Insights on Syria

    Yesterday, (Wednesday, 27 April) having failed to reach consensus on a press statement on the situation in Syria, the Council held a public debate on the Middle East which enabled many members to put on record their concern about ongoing...

    posted on THU 28 APR 2011
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    Insights on Syria

    Council members are expecting a briefing on Syria in informal consultations today (Wednesday, 27 April) from B. Lynn Pascoe. Council members agreed yesterday that a more detailed briefing on Syria was needed following the Secretary-General’s briefing yesterday which covered Syria...

    posted on WED 27 APR 2011
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    Insights on Syria

    Council members are currently considering a draft press statement on Syria circulated this morning and are expected to give their comments on the draft by tomorrow morning (Tuesday, 26 April). It seems the key elements of the press statement include...

    posted on MON 25 APR 2011
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    Insights on the Programme of Work

    Today (Monday, 25 April) a new provisional programme of work for the Council has been posted. There are a number of changes to the Council’s work schedule for this week. A new addition is a briefing by the Secretary-General tomorrow...

    posted on MON 25 APR 2011
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    Insights on Yemen

    On Wednesday, 20 April Council members were briefed by Gamal bin Omer, the UN envoy to Yemen. Bin Omar visited Yemen last week where he met President Ali Abdullah Saleh . Germany and Lebanon proposed a presidential statement where Council...

    posted on THU 21 APR 2011
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    Insights on the Middle East

    The Council will have an open debate on the Middle East tomorrow (Thursday, 21 April). B. Lynn Pascoe, Under-Secretary General for Political Affairs, will brief. (The Council has a monthly briefing on the Middle East and quarterly there is a...

    posted on WED 20 APR 2011
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    Insights on Yemen

    This afternoon (Tuesday,19 April) the Council will be briefed on Yemen by a senior official from the Department of Political Affairs’ Middle East and North Africa section. It appears that Germany requested the briefing yesterday following the monthly briefing to...

    posted on TUE 19 APR 2011
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    Insights on UNAMI

    On Friday, 8 April the Council will be briefed by the Special Representative Ad Melkert and will hold informal consultations on Iraq. Melkert is expected to highlight key points from his report on the UN Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI),...

    posted on THU 7 APR 2011
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    Insights on the Middle East

    On 22 March the Council had its regular briefing on the Middle East and Palestinian Question. Oscar Fenandez-Taranco, Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs, briefed the Council on developments related to the Quartet as well as incidents on the ground. (The...

    posted on MON 28 MAR 2011
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    Insights on the Iran Sanctions Committee

    Tomorrow afternoon, Colombian Ambassador Nestor Osorio,will brief Council members for the first time as the chair of the 1737 Committee on Iran. He is expected to report on the work of the sanctions committee including the sanctions committee’s panel of...

    posted on WED 16 MAR 2011
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    Insights on Conflict Prevention

    Tomorrow (Tuesday, 8 March), Council members will receive a briefing from the Department of Political Affairs in informal consultations. It seems the focus will be related to North Africa and the Middle East. This briefing is part of what is...

    posted on MON 7 MAR 2011
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    Insights on the March Programme of Work

    Council members met today to discuss March’s Programme of Work. This month China has the presidency and the Council could have around 12 days of scheduled meetings. The Chinese ambassador in briefing the press divided the Council’s work for March...

    posted on WED 2 MAR 2011
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    Insights on the draft Israeli Settlements Resolution

    Council members are waiting to hear if the resolution on Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory will be put in blue this evening. There has been intense activity over this resolution in the last few days. The Arab Group held meetings...

    posted on WED 16 FEB 2011