Insights: Somaia Eritrea Monitoring Group

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    Somalia-Eritrea Sanctions Committee Consultations

    On Monday (24 July), the Chair of the 751/1907 Somalia and Eritrea Sanctions Committee, Ambassador Kairat Umarov (Kazakhstan), will deliver his 120-day briefing to Council members in consultations, covering the period from April to July 2017. The Chair is expected...

    posted on FRI 21 JUL 2017
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    Mandate Renewal of AU Mission in Somalia and Discussion of Eritrea Sanctions

    Tomorrow (26 May), the Security Council will adopt a resolution renewing the authorisation of the AU Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), which expires on 31 May. The Council has opted to adopt a three-month technical rollover of the authorisation until 31...

    posted on THU 25 MAY 2017
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    Vote on Draft Resolution on Somalia and Eritrea Sanctions

    Tomorrow (10 November), the Council is scheduled to adopt a resolution on Somalia and Eritrea Sanctions. It is not clear if every issue has been addressed to the satisfaction of all Council members; as a result, it is possible that...

    posted on WED 9 NOV 2016
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    Draft Resolution on Somalia-Eritrea Sanctions in Blue

    The Council is expected to adopt a resolution on Somalia-Eritrea sanctions either tomorrow or Friday (22 or 23 October). A text was first circulated by the penholder, the UK, on Thursday last week, with negotiations on Friday and Monday, and...

    posted on WED 21 OCT 2015
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    Resolution on Somalia-Eritrea Sanctions and AU Mission in Somalia

    Tomorrow (24 October), the Council is set to vote on a resolution on Somalia-Eritrea sanctions and the AU Mission in Somalia (AMISOM). A draft text was first circulated last Friday, followed by three expert-level meetings this week. At press time...

    posted on THU 23 OCT 2014
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    Meetings on Central African Republic and Somalia-Eritrea Sanctions Committees

    Tomorrow morning (11 July), the Security Council expects to discuss the work of the 2127 Central African Republic (CAR) Sanctions Committee and the 751/1907 Somalia-Eritrea Sanctions Committee. The Council will receive the briefing on the CAR Sanctions Committee in a...

    posted on THU 10 JUL 2014
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    Somalia Briefing and Consultations on UN Mission, AU Mission and Sanctions

    Tomorrow (11 March), Special Representative of the Secretary-General Nicholas Kay is scheduled to brief the Council on the UN Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM). Kay will likely be briefing via videoconference from Mogadishu. It was unclear at press time, if...

    posted on MON 10 MAR 2014
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    Renewal of Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group

    Tomorrow morning (24 July) the Council is expected to adopt a resolution renewing the mandate of the Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group until 25 November 2014. After initial negotiations last week and further revisions on Monday, the draft resolution was...

    posted on TUE 23 JUL 2013