Insights: Sudan Sanctions Committee

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    Council to Adopt Resolution Renewing the Sudan Sanctions Committee Panel of Experts

    On Thursday (12 February), the Council is scheduled to adopt a resolution renewing the mandate of the panel of experts of the Sudan Sanctions Committee for an additional 13 months until 12 March 2016. (The current mandate expires on 13...

    posted on TUE 10 FEB 2015
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    Resolution on Sudan Sanctions

    Following two rounds of negotiations last Friday (7 February) and Monday (10 February), the Security Council appears set to adopt a resolution tomorrow (13 February) renewing for a period of thirteen months the mandate of the Panel of Experts (PoE)...

    posted on WED 12 FEB 2014
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    Sudan Panel of Experts Mandate Renewal

    The Security Council is negotiating a resolution that would renew the mandate of the Panel of Experts (PoE) assisting the 1591 Sudan Sanctions Committee, which expires on 17 February. At press time, it appeared that adoption, which had been scheduled...

    posted on TUE 12 FEB 2013
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    Meetings on Sudan/South Sudan Issues

    Tomorrow morning (6 December), the Security Council is scheduled to hold consultations on Sudan/South Sudan and on the UN Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA). Edmond Mulet, Assistant Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, is set to brief on both these issues....

    posted on WED 5 DEC 2012
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    Sudan Sanctions Panel of Experts Renewal

    Tomorrow (17 February) the Council is scheduled to adopt a resolution renewing the mandate of the Panel of Experts of the Sudan Sanctions Committee for one year. (The Panel’s current mandate expires on 19 February under resolution 1982.) At press...

    posted on THU 16 FEB 2012
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    Sudan Sanctions Committee (Darfur) and South Sudan Consultations

    The Council’s engagement with Sudan and South Sudan issues continues tomorrow (10 February) during consultations. During tomorrow’s sanctions consultations, it seems that Council members will discuss the final report of the Sudan sanctions committee’s panel of experts. During the South...

    posted on THU 9 FEB 2012
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    Insights on the Sudan Sanctions Committee

    Tomorrow, the chair of the 1591 Sanctions Committee, Colombian Ambassador Nestor Osorio, will brief the Council on the work of the Committee during the last ninety days. He is expected to report that all five members of the panel of...

    posted on THU 10 MAR 2011