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    Security Council Members to Discuss Sudan (Darfur) under “Any Other Business”

    Tomorrow (11 August) Security Council members will discuss the situation in Sudan (Darfur) under “other matters” (also known as “any other business”) at the request of the UK and Germany, the co-penholders on Darfur. A Secretariat official is expected to...

    posted on MON 10 AUG 2020
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    Resolutions on the UN/AU Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID) and the establishment of a follow-on mission

    The Security Council expects to adopt two resolutions related to Sudan. Council members are currently voting according to the written procedures put in place due to COVID-19, and the results will be read out tomorrow (4 June). One resolution extends...

    posted on WED 3 JUN 2020